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Five Under Five: Ways to Enhance Your Social Content

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Erin Rigby joined P4 Group in October 2018 as an Account Director specialising in marketing and communications, after three years at an innovative agency in London. In this Five under Five, Erin shares her tips for engaging with your audience on social media.

1. Be a story teller

Regardless of your product or brand, you have a story to tell! Uncover this and take people on a journey with your content to allow them to connect with your brand at a deeper level.

2. Spark up conversation

Social channels are a two-way street. Encourage your audience by asking questions, inviting suggestions, voting and sharing experiences.

3. Be responsive

Socials are 24/7 so brands need to keep up. That’s not to say you need to respond around the clock but put a sensible process in place that ensures comments are monitored and responses delivered consistently.

4. Get visual

Visual content always wins. Video is even better. Use tools like Canva which enable organisations to look stylish, creative and professional.

5. Boost your content

Facebook has become more pay to play but you don’t have to invest a fortune to reach your goals. Be strategic with paid activity, try boosting posts that are performing well and look at a more targeted ad campaign to reach a specific audience.

And a little something you won’t know about Erin – she studied Indonesian for seven years and could once speak fluently!

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