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5 Ways LinkedIn Can Boost Your Business

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How A LinkedIn Strategy Can Positively Impact Your Business

LinkedIn can be one of two things to your business: yet another social platform you’ve probably forgotten the password for, or the most powerful tool in your hot little pocket.

When used right, LinkedIn can be a game changer to your business’ bottom-line. Here are some thumb-stopping tips on how to nurture your company’s LinkedIn profile.

Source, attract and recruit incredible talent

As with most industries, technology has changed the traditional HR world we used to know. With over four million active Australian users online each month, the platform serves up prospective talent on a shiny silver platter.

Add-on services such as Career Pages can help showcase your organisation’s culture and appeal to top-tier talent through additional Job Vacancies and Company Culture tabs. Everyone loves a behind-the-scenes look into what potential employers actually get up to, so give your viewers rich content like photos, videos, client testimonials and everyday office antics.

Sponsored content and the Targeted Audience feature are also great for promoting company benefits or offerings. The Targeted Audience feature allows you to customise your audience to a user’s specific language, job title, qualifications or interests for a more pinpointed approach. Take it even further with Work With Us ads, which appear on your current employee’s profiles to encourage contact from potential candidates.

Discover new business opportunities

The opportunities on LinkedIn are unlimited when it comes to networking. The better connected your employees are, the more BD opportunities your business can secure, so be sure to connect with every professional contact you’ve formed a solid personal relationship with.

Employees often do your brand’s talking on LinkedIn, so have them widen your company’s reach by encouraging them to join and contribute to groups, write and share blogs and connect with clients to open up the door for new opportunities. Employee advocacy through an active online profile can not only lead to BD leads, but a great employee referral.

In headlines, bylines and your company description, try avoid using blasé words such as solutions, unique, leading, expert and vision. LinkedIn analysed company pages across the globe, revealing the top repetitive buzzwords used by corporations.

Instead, give a real life picture of the day-to-day operations of your business, challenges your company has solved and aspects that genuinely make your workplace…unique *right-clicks synonym for unique*.

Take it from Australia’s LinkedIn Head of Brand and Communications, Shiva Kumar, “Make it tangible to make it count – everyone can be passionate and an expert, but to stand out, you have to say something substantial.”

Stay on top of industry trends, issues and current affairs

Staying ‘in the know’ is key to building your expertise and earning the respect, attention and trust of your audience. LinkedIn is a simple way to follow industry news, movements and insight into the competition. Another helpful add-on is LinkedIn Pulse which notifies you on the top stories of the day, what your colleagues are reading and trending news.

Like your employees, your business should also follow other companies or create a Group page to start a discussion forum for up-to-date news and insights tailored to your industry. Drive your own engagement by dropping a comment or starting a discussion thread…you never know where it may lead.

Develop a reputation for thought-leadership

Take initiative by demonstrating thought-leadership. LinkedIn is a dedicated platform for you to share your expertise and demonstrate your abilities to an attentive audience. Have your employees write blogs for your page, sharing their own experience and insights into a niche topic area.

Communicate your message using SlideShare to drive business-to-business (B2B) communication and deliver content that has a strong, visual component to attract readers. SlideShare makes it easy to share, embed and strengthen your presentations, but most importantly, it boosts brand SEO advantage, visibility and B2B engagement.

Hacks to stay on top

While many LinkedIn features can help you get ahead of the game, there are some that can hinder your progress. For example, when viewers land on your page, they may come across a People Also Viewed feature to the right of the page.

You’re probably across who your competitors are, so switch this function off to avoid leads to other businesses. To do this, select the Settings and Privacy tab, go into Privacy, find Viewers of this profile also viewed and select No.

Most importantly, personalise every connection request, direct message or reply you send out. Sending default responses puts yet another wall up between you and the outside world. Everyone has a first name, and everyone likes to hear it. As the famous American writer Dale Carnegie once said, “A person’s name is, to that person, the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” Respect and acceptance often stem from the simplest of acts.

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