Businesses at any stage of the lifecycle will experience challenges and roadblocks.

A strategic Think Tank session is P4’s solution to work with you to develop out-of-the-box ways to solve business problems, fast.

Think Tanks allow you to focus on the task at hand, be it solving a complex issue, driving new revenue streams or improving stakeholder sentiment. They are collaborative sessions, encourage creative thinking, lead to better teamwork and build a common focus for a way forward.

Designed to unleash the potential of your business to tackle any challenge head on, no problem is too big or too small. 


You assemble key members from your end and come together with the best and brightest from our multi-disciplinary team.

We set aside all pre-conceived notions and approach your business challenge with a clean slate and an open mind.

Then, we bunker down using various methods; some playful, some serious, all thought-provoking and outcomes-focused.

The result… you walk away with a series of practical, workable solutions you can implement in your business today.

Here's what our clients have had to say about their Think Tank experience:

  • The Think Tank was a great experience and it exceeded my expectations. P4 Group demonstrated commitment, preparation and focus that allowed us to pinpoint areas of organisational improvement.
  • Thought provoking discussion. You prepared and focused on things that can help us. A great approach all in all.
  • Thank you very much for hosting the Think Tank this morning. Definitely some very worthy and fantastic ideas to enhance the National Appeal Day 2020. Appreciate the time of the team today!


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