Frustrated with the tendering process and in need of expert advice? P4 Group is more than equipped to lend a helping hand.

If your company is on the tender circuit and struggling with low conversion rates on government bids, our highly skilled team can reduce the pressure of ensuring that your tender clearly sets out your business’ key points of difference, so that they plainly align with the tender criteria. Effective tender writing is definitely a craft, given that responding to a tender involves a significant amount of time and resources, as well as specialist skills to determine whether the required benchmarks have been satisfied.

P4 has a solid track record of successful tender preparation for more than 35 years. Combine this with experience across a range of sectors including property, architecture (including landscape), infrastructure, all levels of government (including Defence), oil and gas, construction and engineering.


OUR Available services include:

  • Market research and competitor analysis
  • Meeting with relevant stakeholders on your behalf
  • Writing a tender and carefully editing your submission with input from your internal team
  • Ensuring the tender procedure complies with governing criteria and any other conditions
  • Drafting a compelling executive summary that strongly positions your bid
  • Developing supporting documentation, including company profiles, staff biographies, testimonials and case studies
  • Graphic design and production, including template development for future tenders