PPQ Emoji plates

Promoting a World-First Offering

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P4 Group is part of the Personalised Plates Queensland (PPQ) team delivering public relations, media and influencer strategies for consumer campaigns. P4 Group was tasked with promoting the launch of a world-first Emoji Plates in 2019, for which PPQ wanted to achieve key objectives:

  • Generate pre-registrations before the launch
  • Promote the launch of Emoji Plates to Queensland drivers
  • Generate awareness of the initiative outside Queensland

The launch provided Queensland drivers the opportunity to ‘add a little character’ to their plates by adding one of five emojis, including ‘cool sunglasses’ and ‘heart eyes’. All revenue from plate sales goes to supporting Queensland Government initiatives including road safety.

P4 Group developed a publicity and awareness strategy including a targeted media list and creative outreach. We worked closely with PPQ to develop the campaign strategy, key messaging,  spokesperson comments and an attention-grabbing media release.

PPQ emoji cupcakes

Media outreach began one week prior to the official ‘on sale’ date to build momentum and promote pre-registration. Within three days, Australian media coverage included 12 news pick-ups online and in print and more than 80 broadcast mentions across radio and TV nationally. The campaign gained global traction, reaching audiences as far as the United Kingdom and Japan. The campaign was even included on Trend Watching as an ‘Innovation of the Day’ in a dedicated e-newsletter to their global database.

Across Australia and globally, the publicity campaign resulted in around 850 pieces of media coverage and around 1,800 social mentions, reaching a total combined audience of more than 651 million people, including 3.3 million people via TV and radio. 

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