Pria Awards

P4 Group honoured at the 2018 PRIA National Golden Target Awards

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Following a year of consistently delivering strategic campaigns that drive real change for our clients, we were ecstatic to walk out as award winners at the Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA) National Golden Target Awards (GTAs), held in Sydney.

Following our success locally at State Awards event earlier this month, last night’s event saw our team awarded Best Pro Bono Campaign of the Year, for Women’s Legal Service Queensland’s (WLSQ) annual Dancing CEOs event.

P4 Group was engaged to use publicity activity to drive hype around the event, to assist with the 2018 fundraising goal of $250,000. We took a ‘pitch and plan’ approach to publicity, identifying media angles and opportunities for each of the 12 ‘Dancing CEOs’ for 2018, to support each of their fundraising efforts.

Additionally, P4 Group looked at further thought leadership and commentary stories to grow the event’s general awareness and the need for fundraising, which had not been done before. Utilising WLSQ CEO Angela Lynch as the key spokesperson, P4 Group were able to generate hard-hitting news around domestic violence and the need for donations, to further support Dancing CEOs in the 2018 fundraising goal.

The results of this campaign are as follows:

  • 23 pieces of coverage, the highest in the event’s five year history
  • More than 3.58 Million impressions
  • $265,000 raised for women in need – the highest fundraising total in the event’s history and $15,000 above the goal

P4 Group’s CEO, Adrian, said he was proud of the agency, and its involvement in the award-winning campaign.

“It’s always gratifying to see our work commended publicly, particularly amongst our peers at the PRIA Awards. The wonderful team we have here at P4 Group consistently deliver to a high standard,” he said.

“Further to the award itself, being involved in a campaign that enacts a real change and communicates such an important message to the wider community is incredibly rewarding for our team.”

P4 Group congratulates all of the award winners of the night and looks forward to further involvement with the PRIA in the future.

Additionally, P4 Group kicks off their 2019 Dancing CEOs campaign shortly, and are thrilled to once again work across this rewarding pro-bono campaign.