Warrego Highway Upgrade









    To minimise impacts on the community through informing and communication in advance of the project works.


    As a result of monsoonal rain and numerous tropical cyclones across some areas of Queensland, the road network sustained an unprecedented level of damage between January 2010 and April 2010. This damage was further exacerbated and extended by the 2011 and 2012 flood events.

    Probuild was appointed, as part of the Operation Queensland initiative, to undertake pavement repairs and reconstruction works between along the Warrego Highway, between Mitchell and Augethella.

    To support this scope of works, a 40-person camp was also constructed within Mitchell.


    By establishing relationships with key organisations and people, it was anticipated potential issues would be managed effectively through the following strategies:

    • Preparation of a Community Liaison Plan meeting TMR contractual requirements
    • Individual Communication Control Plans for specific construction works
    • Providing information for communication tools and activities including, but not limited to, leaflets (direct mail), advertisements, email, SMS, community noticeboard information, Variable Message Signs (VMS) and input for the TMR website
    • Provide four weeks’ notice in advance to obtain approval of communication materials from Minister’s office
    • Letterbox drops
    • Doorknock local residents directly impacted by upcoming works to discuss any access or timing considerations
    • Respond to any enquiries or complaints received which are directly related to construction works, liaising with site crews and construction staff as required
    • Provide records of complaints and enquiries
    • Ensure all staff and sub-contractors are aware of their responsibilities and any constraints associated with contact with the media, elected representatives, the community, residents and stakeholders. All project staff will be provided with community contact cards
    • Identify key project milestones and opportunities

    • Positive working relationship with RPO
    • Positive response from local community and directly impacted stakeholders
    • All contractual requirements met successfully