To benchmark, through social research, the Logan City Council (LCC) community’s perceptions and expectations of their local waterway catchments.


    • To replicate this social research allowing for the inclusion of different variables to further inform future operational and communication activities.
    • Ensuring community participation is representative of the LGA including proximity to local catchments.
    • Maximising the response rate by utilising multiple targeted and opportunistic channels
    • Ensuring the community is aware of the research being conducted and the reasons why the research is important.



    A benchmark community survey was developed to engage a representative selection of local LCC community members to measure their perceptions and expectations of their local catchment. This survey was conducted through two communication channels: telephone and online.

    The survey was tested prior to release to the local community, and all data was captured using LCC’s internal Objective System.

    In order to raise awareness of the survey prior to public release, a mixture of communication channels were used.

    P4 Group then provided LCC with a comprehensive report which helped them to better understand the community attitudes and perceptions towards the waterways in their local area, and will help them to make informed decisions relevant to waterways moving forward.


    • A total of 433 surveys were completed across both channels.
    • A Research Report was produced and presented to LCC representatives through an Outcome Review Workshop
    • The workshop included lessons learned in order to improve the survey for future use.