Collins Mann engaged the services of P4 Group in October 2016 to implement a three month PR and digital campaign that launched two new financial planning tools; financial planning app Nettshell, and a book entitled ‘They Said The World Was My Oyster But Someone Stole The Pearl’.

    • Develop an integrated marketing strategy that generates awareness of the Nettshell app and book ‘They Said The World Was My Oyster But Someone Stole The Pearl’
    • Generate positive editorial between October and December that positions the app and book as respected financial tools and trusted reference points
    • Position Markham Collins and Russell Mann as opinion leaders and “financial health-check” experts
    • Grow number of Nettshell app downloads
    • Drive sales of the book
    • Drive people to contact advisers.


    To start, P4 Group conducted a deep dive and strategy planning session with four P4 team members. Based on this activity, we developed an overarching three month communications strategy, which included social media content plans, workshops and developing advertisements for both the book and app, in order to launch both products into the market with a bang.

    • Seven pieces of media coverage including a feature in The Courier Mail, 96.5FM, and Australian Business Insider
    • Created 676,897 potential impressions through this coverage
    • Facebook page total reach was 493,108
    • Drove 189 units of app sales and generated 5,863 impressions on the App Store