P4 Group has worked closely with the Children’s Hospital Foundation and Woolworths to promote their charity partnership and fundraising efforts which, over the past 28 years, have raised more than $31.2 million for patient care and research.



    To overcome the commercial nature of Woolworths and gain substantial media coverage to promote the inspiring grass-roots fundraising work they do.



    To ensure maximum media exposure, P4 Group pursued localised media coverage and uncovered the local patients, families, and managers at the heart of the yearly fundraising program. PR focused on securing local press opportunities across Queensland and Northern New South Wales, including:

    • Profiling local children supported by the Children’s Hospital Foundation with a call to action for the community to assist fundraising initiatives via Woolworths
    • Profiling passionate Woolworths staff members who volunteer their personal time to fundraise for the Children’s Hospital Foundation
    • Promoting the success of Woolworths fundraising activities for the Children’s Hospital Foundation and thanking the community for their generous support
    • Colourful photo opportunities with raffle winners and in store fundraising participants
    • Assisting with the organisation of annual fundraising events such as the Teddy Bear’s Picnic



    The 2014 PR campaign:

    • Achieved $154,018.00 in equivalent advertising value
    • Reached a total audience of more than 5 million people across Queensland and Northern New South Wales
    • More than 110 press clippings in TV, print, radio, and online media outlets