P4 Group worked with Avis Australia to educate media and the general public on the launch of Avis Australia’s first-to-market app technology.



P4 Group were engaged by Avis Australia to manage the public relations and external communications around the launch of their new app technology in Australia.



P4 Group successfully implemented a three-pronged campaign approach:

  1. A strategic media relations roll out that announced Avis Australia’s technology coming to Australia with Brisbane and Adelaide the first capital cities to receive the product.
  2. A further media relations push announcing a ‘national’ launch with the technology launching in further capital cities Sydney and Melbourne.
  3. Planning and execution of a national launch event in Sydney with Avis Australia’s VIP customers, staff, media and digital influencers in attendance.


  • P4 Group achieved 48 pieces of positive media coverage over a two month period across 42 local, state-wide and national media outlets.
    • 48 pieces of media coverage
    • 1,922,938 potential impressions
    • $50,338 advertising equivalent


For the launch event, P4 Group secured almost 100 guests, secured and managed three digital influencers, and achieved an additional 750 app downloads in Australia during the week of the event.