Organisation 101: Get yourself organised for 2017 with five simple tips.

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Everyone has good intentions when it comes to being organised at work, but realistically, the thought of purchasing matching stationery, rainbow highlighters and post-it notes, and downloading a series of ‘organisation’ apps really just makes the whole exercise seem far too hard.

You don’t actually need fancy pens and notebooks to get yourself organised, so here are five tips to save you time, calm your mind and give your colleagues serious inbox-envy.

1. Treat your inbox like a filing cabinet

There are two types of people in the world – those who file their emails and can always find the information/contact/attachment they need, and those who don’t. I know which I’d rather be…do you?

Set up a folder for each of your clients, main contacts and categories (i.e HR, admin) and move emails into the folder as they have been actioned or completed. This will then leave your inbox clear as a ‘to-do’ list and give your colleagues some serious inbox envy.

2. Set up shortcuts

Do you find yourself clicking through a hundred different file paths every time you need to access a client’s folder? Setting up shortcuts on your computer will save you some serious time accessing and saving client files. Simply drag and drop a folder into your ‘Favourites’ bar on your desktop and voila! You’ll feel so much more organised already.

3. Add key contacts to your phone

There is nothing more annoying than being out of the office, needing to call someone, and not being able to find their contact information anywhere. Add key contacts – clients, journos, and colleagues – to your phone contacts, or create an email folder where you email signatures to yourself. That way, you’ll have contact information for anyone you need, available at a moment’s notice.

4. Declutter, declutter, declutter

Do you really need those piles of notes from the past two weeks, or could they be moved to a box in the storeroom? Are those spare media kits from two years ago really going to come in handy, or could you throw them away? How many days’ worth of coffee mugs and plates have you been hoarding? Have a sweep of your desk every Friday afternoon and tidy up or throw away anything you don’t need.  Having an organised, neat and tidy desk is a great way to start the week and is actually proven to increase productivity and calmness.

5. Anticipate your workload

We all lead busy working lives and can never anticipate last minute tasks or emergency projects that might pop up throughout the week, but if you’re starting the Monday with an overflowing workload, you’ve got yourself a problem. Take 15 minutes every Friday afternoon to build your workload for the following week, including tasks and how much time you think they will take – this doubles as your to-do list. If you add up your tasks and you are way over capacity, it’s time to delegate or re-prioritise. Having a workload at, or just under, capacity will give you the freedom to say yes to unexpected tasks without a last minute panic or too many late nights in the office.

A blog post by Natalie Ogbourne, Senior Account Executive at P4 Group.


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