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New Year, New PR Industry: Predicted Shake-Ups for 2018

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We’ve upped our daily treat consumption from 0 to ‘I’ve got to stop eating!’ with the endless amount of baked goods on offer, and we’re officially sick of hearing Mariah Carey spinning on repeat – yep, Christmas has been and gone! With the New Year in full swing, we switch our minds to the excitement ahead, which includes a barrage of resolutions we probably won’t end up keeping, and some welcome advancements to our ever-changing industry.

So what are the shake-ups headed for PR in Australia in 2018? It’s always said that PR professionals wear multiple hats, and we’re certainly not just publicists here at P4 Group – we’re fortune-tellers too! Here’s what we’re predicting.

Video, video, video!

Yes we’ve been involved in video content for a while, but this year is when it really ramps up! With the changing media landscape, we’ll need to shift our focus from media call attendance to providing this news-ready content in the easiest way possible, which could likely have us behind a camera and playing the role of journalist, too. And this isn’t just for TV, with even print outlets harnessing the power of video for their online content.

We’re not operating alone, and we should be happy about it.

Year-on-year the lines between PR, marketing, creative and digital continue to blur, and rather than arguing about what sits where, we’ll start to channel the fact that we’re a team of creative experts that won’t be pigeon-holed – working across multiple layers to create the biggest and best campaigns yet.

Thought-leadership will run across the business, rather than with one key leader.

We’ve all been there. We work on building the brand and media profile of a key business leader, and the leader leaves the company – thanks for that! We’re seeing an increasing need to build the overall brand’s thought-leadership, as opposed to the opinions and commentary of one person. Expect people other than the CEO to have their time in the spotlight.

The death of the ASR value metric for reporting.

Forget death of the media release (they still have their time and place!), can we finally say goodbye to the ASR value metric for reporting? While removed from our reports years ago, it still continues to rear its head from time to time. There’s so many more powerful and effective ways to measure a great PR campaign and the quality of our work, and ASR is just not one of them. Let’s focus on quantitative AND qualitative ways to evaluate our success.  After all, building a brand is not measured in advertising space.

What are your predictions for the PR industry in 2018 and beyond? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn and chat.

A blog post written by Kate Carey, Account Manager at P4 Group.