Globalisation has many impacts on the modern-day business, and we believe it’s important for organisations to seek out and embrace every opportunity to build a global network. This is why we’re excited to have been named PROI Worldwide’s fifth Australian-based global partner in 2017 and 2018.

With over 75 independent agencies and 5,000 PR professionals, spanning across 50 countries and 100 cities from London to New York, Tokyo to Rio de Janeiro, PROI is the longest-running partnership of public relations agencies in the world.

Becoming a partner of PROI is as much about enhancing the learning and development opportunities of the P4 Group team as it is about forming relationships with other like-minded business leaders from around the globe. There is endless value in gaining insight into how fellow communications experts in other countries approach their work, develop promotional campaigns and strive to enhance their existing PR strategies for various companies.

Our team of communications specialists is fortunate to have access to thousands of PR professionals around the world with whom to share expertise, collaborate on ideas, explore international opportunities and foster the expanding and exciting possibilities associated with international public relations.

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