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Four simple hacks to crafting a beautiful Instagram feed

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Picture this: we’re doing our daily scroll through our social channels and we come across a beautiful snap posted by one of the most envied travel bloggers of today: @helloemilie. Our thumb freezes and hovers over the screen as we pause momentarily to gaze in awe at Instagram photos of Emilie unthawing beside a campfire outside an igloo in Finland, or wandering through an endless forest of bamboo in Japan. We’ve all been there.

But Emilie doesn’t have one million followers for nothing! In taking her Instagram photos, she adheres to several unofficial rules that have led her to her enormous success. Well, we’re here to write the unwritten – here are four key tips that will take your Insta game to the next level.

Quality over quantity

One thing you’ll notice about Emilie and other popular Instagram influencers is that they don’t post every single day, but rather every second or third day. This is for the very simple reason that when it comes to your Instagram page, the quality of your content will always trump the number of times you post. Your followers are much more likely to engage with your content when you post three awesome snaps per week as opposed to uploading average content seven days a week.

It’s also important to note that a great caption goes a long way. Including a question below your snaps in order will start conversations and increase your engagement levels as well!

Action is character

We follow influencers because they document these wonderful exciting lives that many people aspire to live. Audiences on Instagram love candid, action shots because they appear more authentic and relatable.

Users are more likely to engage with content when people are featured in the photo, looking effortlessly natural. So, run around, get sand in your hair, leave that coffee foam on your upper lip, and begin snapping away!

Consistency in variety

One thing you’ll notice about the @helloemilie Instagram account and other successful influencers is that their content adheres to a common theme. Aesthetically, the appearance of your page will look cleaner and more organised when you post quality images that all adhere to the same theme.

However, just because we are advocating consistency doesn’t mean that every photo has to be exactly the same. It’s an Instagram faux pas to post 10 consecutive images of landscapes, regardless of how breathtaking they may be. Variety in your content will keep your audience engaged and excited to see what you post next.

Natural light is your best friend

Studies have shown that audiences don’t respond well to heavily edited Instagram photos with filters upon filters. Photos taken in soft, natural lighting hardly ever require editing and appear more genuine, so take advantage of the daylight!

What are your pro-tips to taking quality Instagram photos? Let us know in the comments below.

A blog post by Karli Germann, intern at P4 Group.