We’ve worked to develop strong community ties for over 23 years, and counting. 

Through our partnerships with charities and not-for-profit organisations across Australia, we strive to create positive and lasting change.  We’re proud of our community partnership efforts, which have helped to increase awareness and funding for many significant causes.

Some of our most successful and rewarding partnerships include our alliance with Woolworths and the Children’s Hospital Foundation.  Through proactive public relations and progressive promotional strategies, P4 has raised in excess of $31.2 million in under 30 years to fund much-needed treatment and medical research.

P4 has also created effective campaigns for Bridge to Brisbane. Over the past decade, we’ve achieved fantastic results through our innovative use of both social media and traditional communication methods, with $716,964 gifted to more than 200 charitable enterprises.

We take great pride in having a partnership program with each of these reputable and worthy establishments: