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Property development is a complex world The process for obtaining planning approvals is complicated and confusing, communications is focused on marketing a product that doesn’t exist yet, and it feels like roadblocks appear at every turn This complex landscape, paired with tight time-frames, has major impacts on one of the most important aspects of property development…community engagement In the communications industry, we see this critical activity slip through the cracks time and time again More often than not, it's an activity to tick a box, or it’s completely swept under the rug and forgotten about Unfortunately, a failure to proactively and meaningfully engage with key

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Weekly Wrap 28th August – 3rd September

“Marketing’s job is never done It’s about perpetual motion We must continue to innovate every day” – Beth Cornstock The arrival of spring also marks the arrival of another busy month on the P4 calendar! Here’s the rundown on what our team have been up to this week Queensland Child Protection Week P4 Group is proud to be working with Queensland Child Protection Week again this year on raising the profile of all issues connected with child protection Last Thursday, as part of QCPW, a special ceremony was held at Parliament House to honour Queensland’s superheroes of child safety There are some incredible people walking among us - you can read about all the awards and winners

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Bridge to Brisbane

Weekly Wrap: 31st July – 4th August

Goodbye July and hello August! As we move through the second half of the year at full steam ahead, here are some of our team’s incredible achievements in our weekly wrap up A supersprint to success! The Virgin Australia Supercars Championship raced into town last weekend with the Coates Hire Ipswich Supersprint! The event was a huge success, with an eight per cent increase in ticket sales from last year! But the success extends well beyond the racetrack…our superstar Supercars team of Lily, Bec and Kate secured a HUGE 92 pieces of coverage for the event Well done to all involved - we can’t wait to see what the Vodafone Gold Coast 600 brings in October! It’s a race against the

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Authentic Marketing for Not-For-Profits: 5 Tips

If you’ve spent any time working in the not-for-profit sector recently, you will know that it can be a brutally competitive world, with things only set to get tougher On one hand, you’ve got the upper hand in representing a brand that is operating for public benefit, and, more often than not, meeting a community need On the other, it’s fiercely competitive when it comes to obtaining corporate sponsorship and donations Having consulted to a myriad of not-for-profit groups over the past 20 years, I’ve been schooled by my clients on a thing or two Here are a few things to consider when profiling a not-for-profit in today’s ever-changing landscape of marketing, PR and social

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Seven Ways to Increase Community Engagement Levels in Infrastructure Projects

“An engaged woman is always more agreeable than a disengaged She is satisfied with herself Her cares are over, and she feels that she may exert all her powers of pleasing without suspicion All is safe with a lady engaged; no harm can be done” – Jane Austen Over the last 15 years, I have been working on delivering stakeholder and community engagement strategies on large infrastructure projects While each project has been vastly different from the next, one question continues to haunt me: “Why do people disengage in community engagement activities” The idea is that by reflecting on this from project to project, I will be better equipped for the next project that comes my way

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Business Development: The art of finding a perfect match within the professional world

Sales-target driven business development has never been my thing I’m not a salesperson who sees the sport in the thrill-of-the-chase, seeking out any old client who has money to spend, romancing them and then locking them in with a pitch process full of bells and whistles used to seal the deal I am, after all, a tragic deep thinker who thrives on meaningful relationships So, while a realistic budget and timeframe is vital to a successful professional partnership, it should come as no surprise that working alongside clients who fit our agency’s skill set, and inspire and motivate our team is my thing But finding these match-made-in-heaven clients is rare (thankfully we have been

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Eight key tips to effective stakeholder management and community engagement

Creating effective stakeholder management strategies is often easier said than done – there is no “one size fits all” approach Here are my tips to delivering best practice stakeholder engagement solutions 1 Always seek and share knowledge Read widely and always ask questions Get together with people in similar roles and in the industry to understand the lessons learned on their projects so that you don’t make the same mistakes Forget about competitor advantage…let’s engage in tried and tested ways with our stakeholders As well as seeking advice from others, be sure to share your own experiences For the not so experienced among us, start going to courses and

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