Winning tenders: How vision can get you across the line

Tenders open doors They’re also a magnificent time waster if not done right  So, when you decide to invest in a bid, how do you put your best foot forward How do you draw on your team’s collective strengths, whilst capturing unique ideas to make you stand out After 20 years of advising clients in tender strategy and preparation, there’s a few common ingredients to a winning tender  Here’s four things to consider to get your bid across the line: 1 Get early team buy-in Invest time to get team buy-in upfront Get everyone in a room, on a video conference, whatever works Introduce the collective brains and roles Agree the strengths of your combined approach Some

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Expect the unexpected: My IRL internship experience

Let’s face it, finding the perfect internship can be a taxing process From writing various applications to the unnerving interviews and possible writing tests, an unknown work environment where you have to meet your deadlines is a huge adjustment Having just completed a two-week stint at P4 Group while finishing my final semester at the University of Queensland in a Bachelor of Communications, I wanted to share an overview of what to expect when interning to make the process a little less daunting Cold call, warm response The application process for an internship at any agency similar to P4 Group can be competitive – think of the number of students doing your course right

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6 Key Learnings from My First Year Working in PR

My first 18 months working in the communications industry has been a combination of many things, however the most obvious words to describe it are exciting and challenging As my first full-time gig, the experience working at P4 Group has offered me ample opportunities to grow as an emerging professional, as well as teaching me plenty of lessons along the way Whether you’re chasing your dream grad job or have just commenced your first PR role in an agency, hopefully my experience in the first 12 months working agency-side will help prepare you for yours! Since my very first Introduction to Public Relations in a lecture at QUT, I knew this was an industry I wanted to be in and with

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Mastering A Multi-Tasking Mindset

Brain fog… isn’t it a pest You’re on top of your game, smashing your deadlines and feeling great until a major client is hit with a crisis Time to drop everything and get moving…BUT before you do, how will you manage the madness before it manages you Adrenaline-inducing at times, the pace of Public Relations is certainly one of the most thrilling and rewarding parts of the job When others might crack under the pressure, PR professionals crave the heat, take control and thrive With several accounts on the run, multi-tasking quickly becomes your knack Although, without the right strategies in place, it can be easy to get stuck in the crossfire when times get busy You’ll

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Buckle up for 2019

It’s January and the P4 team is feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as we jump into 2019 Like many of you, we have all taken some time over the holidays to reflect on our professional and personal goals for the year Here are some of our team’s top new year resolutions that they’ll be striving to achieve each day: Hannah – Account Manager Creative thinking is my area of interest, so my New Year’s career resolution is to attend workshops and events that focus on creativity, and share my learnings with the P4 Group team to enhance our idea generation processes I’d also love to use these opportunities to network with other creative minds To keep this up throughout the year

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5 Ways to Make Your Internship Work for You

The adage ‘practice makes perfect’ has never resonated more than the day I walked into my first internship - bright eyed and bushy tailed, with a solid GPA and unrivalled enthusiasm only a 19-year-old was capable of Not only would I soon realise nothing I had been learning throughout the semester applied in this office, but I would also grow to understand that practice was key, and a solid university result did not equate to a perfectly crafted media release Amidst the red pen mark-ups on my writing and, what seemed like never-ending media list development, grew confidence and skills that only an on-the-job education could teach Soon, days would become weeks and those weeks would

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Brainstorming: How to Unlock Your Idea Generating Potential

Brainstorming is the creative bread and butter that gives our team at P4 Group the space to offer our clients an out-of-the-box approach to projects and campaigns We believe the team brainstorming process is THE best way to generate ideas Why 1 Brainstorms utilise a diverse group of thinkers Different teams and disciplines, from various backgrounds, bring unique perspectives 2 They provide a creative-thinking environment where the focus is on quantity of ideas To help you facilitate better brainstorms and spark the creativity and imagination that exists inside every employee, we wanted to share the tips and tricks for each of our key brainstorming elements – the environment, the

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Unlock Your Team’s Creativity

Gone are the days where business owners would reach out to PR agencies just to assist with traditional media relations campaigns, whilst other agencies/ departments managed additional communications needs Today, more than ever before, businesses of all shapes and sizes are seeking holistic communication and marketing solutions in one streamlined place At P4 Group, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver a multidisciplinary approach to our clients, with services spanning traditional PR, social media, marketing, sponsorship, stakeholder engagement and more And with such a variety of service offerings and skills within the organisation, unlocking and harnessing creativity in the

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Internships: Why Intern at an Agency?

So you’ve graduated, or about to graduate…congratulations! But your journey is far from over… While your university degree is incredibly important, it’s your industry experience that will give you the upper hand over other candidates applying for graduate roles As a rapidly expanding agency, we are always scouting for up-and-coming young communications professionals to join our team, and we can’t stress enough the importance of having internships under your belt! So what exactly will you get out of agency internships We posed this questions to our intern Fiona, and here's what she had to say: Learn new skills Agency internships will expand your skills well beyond those


Why the best managers mentor, not micromanage – and how to build a workplace of stayers

As someone who’s been in my field for about six years, I’ve experienced the process of working my way up the corporate ladder under several management/mentoring styles, with one type of manager that stands out - the one that empowers you Some might go as far to say that without acknowledgement for great work, and being offered guidance over being told what to do,  you’re not only having the morale zapped out of you, but you’re bound to be looking for where the grass is greener A recently released Employee Retention Report confirms that micromanagement drives all kinds of employees away, but Generation Y are the least likely to stand for it, even if they are in the infancy of

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Weekly Wrap 21st August – 27th August

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships – Michael Jordan What a week! Here’s what’s happened in the wonderful world of P4 Group during the last week #BESTTIMEBNE On Sunday August 27, thousands of people took to the streets to enjoy Brisbane’s best fun run! Bridge to Brisbane Day 2017 saw 30,000 participants pound over the Story Bridge and raise almost $700,000 for deserving charities Not only did Sunday mark the 21st Bridge to Brisbane Day; it was also the tenth time P4 Group have worked on this project! P4’s terrific trio of Lauren, Sophie and Dani worked hard to ensure that this year’s campaign built on the success of the last – and they

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10 Writing Mistakes to Avoid

In today’s social and digital era, proper spelling, grammar and punctuation in our personal lives has slipped off the radar in place of rapid-fire sharing of content using heavy slang, trending colloquialisms and digital shorthand But what about in the corporate world Does it really make much of a difference if something is hyphenated properly or not Our answer is a resounding yes - writing mistakes do matter! Correct grammar and punctuation in the professional space is still just as essential now as it was before Why Because whether it’s in print, online, in an email or on a billboard, it says a lot about you and your brand A well-written resume can be the difference between landing

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The harsh, ah, truth about your vocabulary

If you're like me, you've probably not heard of a speech disfluency until now, however, again like me, I'm sure it is a habit you have unknowingly adopted in your everyday Disfluency: A speech disfluency, also spelled speech dysfluency, is any of various breaks, irregularities (within the English language), or non-lexical vocables that occurs within the flow of otherwise fluent speech In simple terms, a speech disfluency is any interruption in the normal flow of speech Most commonly, or at least in my experience, these are sounds such as 'um,' 'like' or 'ah' and, unofficially, represent a break in conversation Some of us are most in tune with this when we are nervous,

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Productivity + Work-Life Balance: How They Go Hand-in-Hand

There’s a lot to be said for taking a 15-minute stroll to get a coffee or forcibly removing yourself from your desk to have lunch with a friend, on a day when you truly believe you need every second of your working week to get things done News flash: you don’t Research shows we are more productive, more positive, and generally better employees when we don’t subscribe to the PR stereotype of 12-hour days and three coffees, because you “don’t have time for lunch” In fact, a study from Stanford University reveals that overworking led to less output than what we would produce in a standard 40-hour work week Those working longer weeks often experienced stress and fatigue, and

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NEWS FLASH: P4 Group joins PROI, partnering with PR agencies worldwide

The PROI Worldwide has further cemented its international reach with yet another Australian-based agency to join the fold, with Queensland-based integrated marketing communications agency, P4 Group, becoming the fifth Australian-based global partner Adrian Basile, CEO of P4 Group, said that becoming a member of PROI Worldwide is as much about enhancing the learning and development opportunities of his team as it is about working alongside and sharing knowledge with other like-minded business leaders from around the globe “P4 Group is made up of a team of highly creative dedicated professionals who are constantly seeking opportunities to strengthen their skill set Collaborating and

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Four Ways To De-stress Your Work Day

Today's fast-paced and exciting world can also be a stressful one Your inbox is overflowing, your phone is ringing, deadlines are looming, and you feel that familiar tense feeling in your shoulders Given that so many of us spend hours on end looking at computer screens, the importance of taking a moment for yourself and implementing activities to de-stress your day is more important now than ever before If you find yourself distracted at work, or you are slowly losing movement in your neck, here are four simple tips on how to decrease stress and increase productivity in your workplace Learn to breathe We breathe on average 20,000 times a day, but are we doing it correctly Learning focused

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Business Development: The art of finding a perfect match within the professional world

Sales-target driven business development has never been my thing I’m not a salesperson who sees the sport in the thrill-of-the-chase, seeking out any old client who has money to spend, romancing them and then locking them in with a pitch process full of bells and whistles used to seal the deal I am, after all, a tragic deep thinker who thrives on meaningful relationships So, while a realistic budget and timeframe is vital to a successful professional partnership, it should come as no surprise that working alongside clients who fit our agency’s skill set, and inspire and motivate our team is my thing But finding these match-made-in-heaven clients is rare (thankfully we have been

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Turning an Internship into the Dream Job – 7 Tips

Turning an internship into a job isn’t just something people tell you to help you sleep at night – it is absolutely possible! The marketing and communications industry is a competitive one, and decision-makers in agencies are always scouting to snap up great talent just as much as graduates are eagerly searching for the perfect first job I started as an intern at P4 Group in April 2016, and in June, I commenced my role as an Account Coordinator, working part-time while I completed my studies Kicking off the New Year with a bang, I’m now working full-time as an Account Executive, and loving every minute of it! However, if you think these kinds of opportunities are going to be


Organisation 101: Get yourself organised for 2017 with five simple tips.

Everyone has good intentions when it comes to being organised at work, but realistically, the thought of purchasing matching stationery, rainbow highlighters and post-it notes, and downloading a series of ‘organisation’ apps really just makes the whole exercise seem far too hard You don’t actually need fancy pens and notebooks to get yourself organised, so here are five tips to save you time, calm your mind and give your colleagues serious inbox-envy 1 Treat your inbox like a filing cabinet There are two types of people in the world - those who file their emails and can always find the information/contact/attachment they need, and those who don’t I know which I’d rather

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