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Business Development: The art of finding a perfect match within the professional world

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Sales-target driven business development has never been my thing. I’m not a salesperson who sees the sport in the thrill-of-the-chase, seeking out any old client who has money to spend, romancing them and then locking them in with a pitch process full of bells and whistles used to seal the deal.

I am, after all, a tragic deep thinker who thrives on meaningful relationships. So, while a realistic budget and timeframe is vital to a successful professional partnership, it should come as no surprise that working alongside clients who fit our agency’s skill set, and inspire and motivate our team is my thing.

But finding these match-made-in-heaven clients is rare (thankfully we have been lucky to strike gold a number of times!) and it requires a solid investment of time and understanding, much like getting to know someone on a series of first dates.

With this in mind, it’s easy to liken the business development process with the same principles used when finding the perfect match. After all, we are looking to settle down with clients who offer our team the opportunity to enjoy what they do and have an abundance of job satisfaction, motivation and inspiration while they do it.

The only benefit of a new business meeting versus a date is that it’s completely appropriate to talk about clear expectations of the relationship, the money the other party has to invest and when you’ll catch up again, all within an hour. To do that on a first date would be a projection to the single life with six cats.

To make sure the match is sound, we have developed a few guiding business development principles which help us to determine if we “swipe right”.

P4 Group Business Development Guiding Principles

1. Do both parties share similar business ethics?

2. Does the client have an adequate budget to achieve their goals?

3. Is there an achievable and realistic timeframe to achieve the client’s goals?

4. Does the P4 Group team have the skills, passion and capability to fulfill the brief on time and within the specified budget?

5. Will this client enable P4 Group to deliver creative and efficient communication solutions which inspire the team?

6. Will our team feel proud to say they partnered with this client?

7. Is partnering with this brand going to elevate the P4 Group reputation?

Apply these principles each time you meet with a new business lead, and you’ll be well on your way to creating matches made in heaven!

What are your tips on finding perfect client matches?