p4 2019 resolutions blog

Buckle up for 2019

It’s January and the P4 team is feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as we jump into 2019. Like many of you, we have all taken some time over the holidays to reflect on our professional and personal goals for the year. Here are some of our team’s top new year resolutions that they’ll be striving to achieve each day:

Hannah – Account Manager

Creative thinking is my area of interest, so my New Year’s career resolution is to attend workshops and events that focus on creativity, and share my learnings with the P4 Group team to enhance our idea generation processes. I’d also love to use these opportunities to network with other creative minds. To keep this up throughout the year I’ll be sure to connect with groups by signing up to their EDMs and following their social channels so I don’t miss any exciting events!

Angela – SEO Specialist

I have two resolutions for 2019 that I will be working towards. The first is to increase my adventurous spirit and find some local destinations to travel to with my two children. The second is to learn something new that could be advantageous in the workplace or at home. Watch this space!

Bec – Senior Account Manager

Make time for face time! We live in a digital world, however, the value of ‘face time’ with clients, suppliers and media contacts should not be underestimated. My resolution for 2019 is to make time for ‘face time’, to ensure regular coffee meetings and catch-ups are factored in during the working week.

Sarah – Communications Director

In 2019 I’d like to work greener. I currently waste A LOT of paper printing useless things. My desk is always messy with paper and when I go through it I realise I actually don’t need most of it. One of my solutions is to use my Surface Pro a lot more for meetings.

Erin – Digital Content Specialist

A goal I have had for a while is to be part of a panel of speakers at a digital marketing event. Not only will it help me develop several new skills, it also gives me the opportunity to network and promote on behalf of P4 Group. I also want to make sure I go outside more for lunch. I always take a lunch break but I don’t always leave the office. I am a big advocate of work/life balance and would like to encourage others to follow suit, so I have to practice what I preach!

Gabi – Account Manager

I’m going to be focusing on having a better work/life balance and aiming to go on a 30-minute walk each day during my lunch break! Sometimes all you need to do is stretch your legs and step away from technology to improve your health and well-being – I find that I’m a lot more productive after this too.

Lauren – Communications Group Account Director

I’m going to continue to focus on fostering a positive culture at P4 Group and support the team in achieving their goals through professional development. This resolution reflects a personal passion of mine, which is around the fact that ‘positive work environments always outperform negative work environments’. I’ve operated in both and can attest to a much higher, happier output when the surroundings exude only good things (support, encouragement, feedback, development, fun, etc.).

Lily – Account Director

I’ve joined a new gym that is just around the corner from the P4 Group office and has an array of different classes throughout the day, so my 2019 resolution is to make sure I get myself down there as much as possible. After sitting at a desk all day, going to a Yoga or Pilates class is just bliss and really helps to release any stress from the day.

What are your resolutions for 2019?