A Publicist’s Guide To Confidence: How To Nail It Even When You’re Not

As a Senior Account Executive, I’m still fairly junior in the world of PR and Communications While I’ve worked in the industry for more than five years in PR,

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P4 Group’s Weekly Wrap – 7 April

“There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about” – Oscar Wilde As we near the end of another exceptionally

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NEWS FLASH: P4 Group joins PROI, partnering with PR agencies worldwide

The PROI Worldwide has further cemented its international reach with yet another Australian-based agency to join the fold, with Queensland-based integrated marketing

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5 Things You Can Do Today To Up Your Social Media Game

From an outsider’s perspective, managing social media for a business may seem like a lot of hard work Well dear friend, that’s because it is But understanding



Social Media Strategy 101: 5 Essential Tips

Knowing how to maximise your online presence can be overwhelming and labour-intensive, with the need for organisations to be present, up-to-date, relevant and responsive

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Ten Tried & Tested Tips to Instantly Improve your Brand’s Social Presence

  Social media is like one of your babies, right You love it because it’s a labour of love and it’s yours But deep down, you can’t help but think…

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