November 4, 2019
February 12, 2020

PR’s not-so-dirty trick of the trade

how to spin a good PR story


I’m here to talk to you about PR’s dirty word – spin.

In this industry we get our fair share of name-calling: flacks, spin kings – even the term ‘PR’ is sometimes met with ‘knowing’ smiles from those who think our jobs are all about cover-ups, manipulation and saving face in a crisis.

Popular TV shows like Flack and Scandal perpetuate this image, and don’t get me started on SITC’s Samantha.

But while some people only believe in PR in a crisis (or think it’s all about drinking cosmos and schmoozing celebs); true believers use our PR powers even in times of smooth sailing, because they know a consistent stream of positive messaging can truly build an unshakeable reputation for a business.

The real power of spin is about making something out of nothing, not through manipulation, but through an understanding of what makes great news and the ability to hunt down the newsworthy stories hiding just under the surface of every business.

If you’d like to be part of the savvy crew who use PR to build a strong reputation but think you’ve just got nothing to share, here are just some of the ways P4 Group can spin a good PR story for you.


Businesses and brands are made up of people, and everyone has a story to tell – but nearly everyone thinks they don’t until they start to tell it! There’s a category for this in journalistic writing – it’s called human interest, or features. A PR pro will find the story people didn’t even know they had by asking the right questions and helping them to share it with their target audience.


Does your business or brand claim some sort of expertise in your sector? You’re probably one of the best at what you do, right? Well those unique views and rich consumer data points are insights we can help you share with your audiences. Expert commentary is always needed to form articles, support panel interviews and provide a different point of view. We can connect your insights to the journalists covering the hot issues your customers care about.


Sure, you sell a product or service, but what’s your bigger purpose? We can help you find it, articulate it through your marketing communications and become known for it. With more and more consumers wanting their dollars to go to businesses that support causes they care about, now is the time to start making your voice heard.


There are changes in every business, and with technology and data changing the way we do business in almost all sectors, I’ll bet your company has change you don’t even think is that big a deal – but it might just be! If it’s big enough news to announce it to your teams, or a story you find yourself proudly sharing with your friends at a BBQ, it might just be something we could share with a much wider audience, too!

The truth is, our skills work well when times are tough, but are just as powerfully applied when its simply business as usual.

If you think it’s time you had a PR boost to power your way into the papers, websites, screens and airwaves surrounding your audience – give us a call.

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