November 3, 2019
November 3, 2019




How to Maintain Consistency

for Your Brand Online


One of the most important aspects of building and establishing yourself (or your company) as a brand is consistency. Consistency and cohesiveness build credibility and brand recognition within your target audience. As today’s online environment is so saturated with content, it’s important to stand out and be recognisable across all platforms, while remaining true to your brand. Here are our top tips to achieving consistency across your online platforms.

Give your brand some personality

A sure-fire way to stand out from the crowd is to give your online platforms some personality! While it’s important to remain professional, the nature of social media is more personable and conversational. After all, don’t we all love the internet for a bit of a laugh? Having a simple, relatable tone will not only better engage your audience by catching their attention and encouraging them to talk back, but it will also humanise your brand to appear less like an anonymous entity, and more like an actual person. It’s important to know your brand’s personality and tone of voice, and keep it consistent across each platform.

Engage effectively on social media

There are many other ways to increase engagement on social media, besides injecting personality into your online identity! Timing is everything when it comes to online activity, so make sure you’re posting when your audience is most active. Post regularly and to a schedule, so that your audience knows when to expect new content from you. Monitoring your platforms is imperative – make sure you’re replying to comments and messages in a timely manner. Not only will this keep audiences engaged and informed, but also, algorithmic platforms like Instagram favour users that reply to comments quickly and engage with as many aspects of the platform as possible.

Have consistent design elements across all platforms

Creating a strong visual identity will make you immediately recognisable, and reinforce your brand in the mind of the audience as they start to associate certain design elements with your company. This includes having the same display pictures and banners on your profiles, using consistent and complementary fonts, and a colour scheme that the audience can link with your brand. Basically, formulate a style guide for your online presence and stick to it!

Make sure your online content is aesthetically pleasing

While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there are a few tips and tricks to live by when it comes to visual content. Firstly, make sure your images are of a high quality – no blur or grain. Furthermore, don’t be afraid to experiment with photo editing apps and programs. Editing photos – whether it be making them brighter, lighter or editing out a pesky cat hair or blemish – is the norm on social media and allows you to showcase your products and brand in the best possible light (literally!). Colour-editing photos is also a way to create a theme on your channel. Perhaps every photo has a sepia hue, or you have a pattern to how you post your photos. Elements like these will help your feed look more aesthetically pleasing and entice people to hit ‘follow’.

With so many touch points for your brand to reach consumers on today, consistency is key to creating new business and encouraging repeat business.


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