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The decline in print media

means…what exactly?


There’s no denying that the media landscape has changed dramatically. The number of print media outlets we can pitch stories to has almost halved in the past ten years; journalists and photographers are more time poor than ever before; and the 24-hour news cycle means brands must be ‘on’ at all times…or risk being left behind.

So with all these changes, how can we still secure positive coverage for our clients and reach the people we want to reach? Bec Burn, Account Manager at P4 Group, shares her insights…

Visuals are key.

Having a great story to tell is no longer enough. The largest news outlets now only have a few photographers to share across multiple mastheads, so publications are relying more and more on supplied imagery and video content. Having high quality photos, videos or GIFs to support the story you’re pitching will highly increase the chances of your story getting picked up. More and more brands are hiring in-house videographers and photographers who are able to capture footage as it happens, allowing it to be shared with media just hours later in order to capitalise on the fast-moving news cycle.

Consider alternative means of communication.

With the death of print media outlets comes the rise of thousands of other means of communication. If I had a dollar for every time a client has said “I just want to be in the Courier Mail/The Australian/The Financial Review”, I could pay for the South American vacation I’ve been dreaming of. While these media outlets are absolutely fantastic and we work with them on a daily basis, this may not be the most effective way for some brands to reach their desired audience. For example, brands targeting millennials would be better suited to a digital and social media engagement strategy rather than a traditional PR strategy. By conducting an in-depth analysis of each client’s target audience and business objectives, we are able to determine where the brand should be positioned for maximum results. At the same time, this means we are only pitching highly relevant stories to media outlets who have minimal space – which is a win-win situation for everyone!

Harness the power of social.

We now have the power to publish our own good news stories – social media gives brands the power to tell the world about their offering without having to rely on a print media outlet! A comprehensive social media strategy allows companies to continuously engage with their existing customer base, and reach new audiences.

Influencers are here to stay.

There’s a reason a well-executed influencer marketing campaign works, and that’s because it’s about as close as you can get to having a personal recommendation made to someone about your brand. People trust the opinions and recommendations of the influencers they follow, just as they trust what they read in their favourite media outlets. Through engaging relevant social media influencers to speak about your brand authentically and organically, your brand will be seen by the right people.


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