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P4 Client Spotlight

Nightlife Music


Earlier this month we interviewed Angelee Samin, National Marketing Manager of Nightlife Music and asked about her experience working with P4 Group across all aspects of graphic design, strategic marketing, public relations and digital marketing, here is what she had to say.

Who is Nightlife Music?

Nightlife Music is a music subscription service for businesses that combines the best in music and tech to deliver immersive customer experiences. For over 28 years, Nightlife’s investment in innovation and curatorial expertise has increased the value music holds in out-of-home settings, creating a better outcome for artists, rights holders, businesses and end consumers. Partnered with Spotify and currently in over 5,000 locations across the hospitality, leisure, tourism, retail and fitness industries, Nightlife’s platform helps businesses engage with consumers through on-brand playlisting and the in-venue music request app, crowdDJ®.

How long have you been a client of P4 Group?

Nightlife Music have been working with P4 for around 12 months.

Why did you engage an integrated marketing agency?

With a rapidly growing client base and an increase in demand for our services across venues and events in the past year or so, Nightlife Music has seen a marked impact on the level of marketing resources required to drive the business. To keep pace with this growth, we engaged the services of P4 to work as an extension to our Marketing team, working closely with them to ensure the timely rollout of marketing and communications campaigns.

How has working with P4 Group added value to your business?

Working with P4 has allowed us to expedite certain components of our marketing activity and to ensure we’re able to manage the timely delivery of various projects. With specialists in all areas of Marketing, P4 provide expertise to enhance our in-house marketing efforts and expand our marketing capabilities.

What do you love about working with P4 Group?

The range of services & specialised staff that P4 provide means that we can call on them as an extension of our Marketing team, to dial up or down our marketing resources for particular projects as required.


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