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Why Intern at an Agency?


So you’ve graduated, or about to graduate…congratulations! But your journey is far from over…

While your university degree is incredibly important, it’s your industry experience that will give you the upper hand over other candidates applying for graduate roles.

As a rapidly expanding agency, we are always scouting for up-and-coming young communications professionals to join our team, and we can’t stress enough the importance of having internships under your belt!

So what exactly will you get out of agency internships? We posed this questions to our intern Fiona, and here’s what she had to say:

Learn new skills

Agency internships will expand your skills well beyond those learned in the lecture theatre.

The communications industry is ever-changing and by interning in an agency, you’re hitting the ground running! Interns at P4 Group work on a broad range of tasks, such as creating social media content, drafting media releases, conducting competitor research and reporting on the results of campaigns…and this is only the start!

As well as technical skills, you’ll also learn great interpersonal skills such as office etiquette, working effectively in teams, and time management.

Experience in broad range of tasks and sectors

When interning at an agency, you’ll complete tasks for clients in a huge range of industries. Tourism, major events, government bodies, luxury fashion brands, travel and tourism…the list goes on. No two days are the same!

Whether you find this daunting or exhilarating, an agency internship will help you to discover what you enjoy and what you aren’t interested in. It will also give you plenty to talk about on your CV, and in job interviews.

Increased confidence

When you are applying for a job, confidence may be your competitive advantage amongst a pool of job seekers. However, confidence doesn’t always come naturally – it comes with practice, time and experience!

As an intern in an agency, you’re surrounded by a team of communications professionals, all with vast skillsets and industry experience. It’s important that you take advantage of this and ask for feedback on their tasks!

At P4 Group, our interns receive regular feedback on their performance, with dedicated check-ins halfway through and at the conclusion. However, being pro-active in asking for specific feedback will help you to understand the areas you excel in and the areas you could develop further.

It may seem daunting, but seeking this feedback will help you to improve your confidence in the long run as you take it on board and watch yourself grow!

Expand your network

At some point in your degree, I’m sure you would have heard your lecturer discuss the significance of networking in this industry. Well, the old adage is true…it’s not always what you know, it’s who you know!

Interning at an agency is an easy way to build contacts! Ensure you keep in touch with people you worked closely with after your internship. It’s so helpful knowing people in your industry who have been in your shoes. Plus, if the agency is looking for a new junior employee, you’ll be front of mind.

Bulk up your CV

The more internships you have under your belt, the better. Not only will it demonstrate the various skills that you will have acquired over time, it also shows that you are proactive and passionate. These are key qualities that employers look for when hiring junior communications professionals!


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