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October 28, 2019
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Five Myths

About Investing In Communication

Interestingly, communication is among the most misunderstood professions in business. As an industry, we haven’t excelled in doing for ourselves what we do for others every day. Isn’t life funny like that?

If you’re our client, we’ll find your audience and educate them about who you are and why they should care, in a way that is meaningful and memorable. Yet what comes to mind when you think about public relations? Absolutely Fabulous, darling. Marketing? Mad Men. Social media? Brunch photos, filtered selfies, #blessed.

These perceptions don’t even scratch the surface of what communications professionals actually do from day to day. So without further ado, join us as we dispel some of the common myths about engaging in PR and communications that we’ve come across recently.

“Hiring an agency is just for big businesses.”

“If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on PR”. Alright, so Bill Gates is in big business, but as an investor, he knows where value lies.

Of course, we work with big businesses, but we’re also achieving excellent results for SMEs, sole traders, startups, individuals, not-for-profits and community organisations. Often, the smaller the business, the more obvious the impact. Have a look at the range of clients that we work for here.

“Marketing is just about making money.”

All communication activity should be part of a strategy that aligns to business objectives. Brand awareness and reputation are currencies in themselves that can have a direct impact on the bottom line. But there is SO much more to be gained. Here’s some returns on investment that you might not have recognized:
  • Developing a solid marketing toolkit equips staff to see the vision of the business and take pride in their workplace.
  • Great media coverage not only reaches new audiences, but instills confidence within your current customers and associates, encouraging repeat business.
  • A sustained social media presence creates a recorded history of engagement that builds a legacy of trust with your stakeholders.

“Media coverage just happens.”

The way news is delivered is constantly changing, and we work hard to build relationships with journalists and understand media outlets and their audiences. This allows us to stay on the front foot with what’s newsworthy, what editors are looking for, what audiences are interested in; and maximize opportunities on behalf of our clients that don’t just come knocking.

“Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/LinkedIn is free” OR “How hard can it be?”

As with any part of your business, social media accounts need to be managed and monitored, not just posting ‘whenever you get a chance’. Applying strategy gives your brand a clear direction, allows you to engage in two-way communication and share your brand’s journey with your customers. Without a plan, it can be time consuming, not to mention the ever-shifting goalposts of what works on different platforms and what doesn’t. Our digi-experts work as your eyes and ears to ensure your social presence is working for you…not the other way around!

“Raising my profile is big-noting myself.”

Working to establish your voice as a leader in your field is not something to shy away from! Genuinely expressing your passion for what you’ve learned, what your team has built or how you can help others is a highly-valued contribution to our collective network of knowledge.

Your customers, stakeholders and peers will usually welcome your generosity in sharing your expertise or perspective, particularly if it helps them to think a little differently about a certain situation or challenge.

Ultimately, business is about people. Great communication skills make individuals attractive. Why not ensure your business is playing all the right cards?


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