Ten Tried & Tested Tips to Instantly Improve your Brand’s Social Presence
October 8, 2019
5 Things You Can Do Today To Up Your Social Media Game
October 8, 2019






Knowing how to maximise your online presence can be overwhelming and labour-intensive, with the need for organisations to be present, up-to-date, relevant and responsive to customers at all times.

But by understanding the opportunities that exist in the digital space, and identifying what success looks like to your business at a social level, you can ensure your social media approach is playing the vital part it should be in your overall marketing strategy.

Know your social media platforms

A robust social media strategy needs to be considered for each platform, their primary audiences, and the way they prioritise and deliver content. The recent Sensis Social Media Report paints a detailed picture of who’s using what on social in 2017, including some rather surprising stats about Australian users. Did you know that LinkedIn is the third most popular social channel in Australia, behind Facebook and Instagram? Best be doing a spring clean of your LinkedIn profile!

Understand your competitors

It’s absolutely essential to understand what your competitors are doing in the social space. A classic SWOT analysis will bring you up to speed quickly and reveal opportunities for your own channels. The more thorough you are with your research, the more informed your own social media strategy will be from the outset.

Set and monitor goals

Your social media strategy should be underpinned by clear goals, with KPIs in place for ongoing monitoring and analysis. If you’re not getting the results you’d hoped for, identify the likely problem and adjust your approach. Ongoing monitoring and analysis is key – be self-critical, but celebrate your successes along the way too.

Embrace social advertising

Social presents endless opportunities in the ad space, whether it’s driving new follower growth, building brand awareness or selling product. Don’t be fooled into thinking a $10 boosted post to your existing community will do the trick; there is a plethora of tools that allow you to access new markets. The secret to success is to always test! We’re big fans of A/B testing: cast two different ads out to the same audience pool and see which one resonates more strongly.

Rich media is king

Quality versus quantity remains truer than ever. With brands competing for air-time on our screens, it’s critical that what you are putting out is of the best quality. Ensure you are posting content relevant to your brand and audience, and complementary to your overall business objectives.

How to stay ahead of the game in 2017:

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