Social Media Strategy 101: 5 Essential Tips
October 8, 2019
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October 8, 2019




5 Things You Can Do Today

To Up Your Social Media Game


From an outsider’s perspective, managing social media for a business may seem like a lot of hard work. Well dear friend, that’s because it is.

But understanding what success looks like to your business at a social level, means you can ensure your approach is playing the part it needs to be in your overall business and marketing strategy. In the end, resulting in less work and more successes.

To help with this equation, we’ve identified five things you can be doing right now to enhance your current practises, and hopefully strike a little social media gold in the process.

Know your social media platforms and audiences

Before you post that next piece of content on Facebook, ask yourself, “Is this where it belongs?” Too many times we see posts on platforms that don’t relate to the audience, resulting in missed opportunities, and annoyed users. When piecing together your social media strategy, look at the different types of content that need to be pushed, and tweak them accordingly to be more specific to that audience. Also, understand optimal posting times of when your audiences are more likely to be active, and see if you notice a change in overall engagement levels.

A sporadic posting schedule is social suicide

One post, per week, per platform won’t cut it. On average, 52 million photos are uploaded to Instagram alone, a day. Having a constant stream of brand-related posts ready to go across each channel is paramount. If you are only posting every third day, the likelihood of you seeing growth is doubtful. Have a look at what changes you can make, and test posting more regularly for one week, then compare. This isn’t to say throw away the notion of “quality over quantity.” Your content still needs to be of a high calibre. To put it into context, some of the biggest online retailers post a photo every hour. That’s 24 photos in a day, on Instagram alone. Think about how that is capturing the attention of users across different moments and multiple time-zones all at the click of a finger.

Look for timely and relevant news and events to talk about

The beauty and power of social media comes to life when brands hijack current trends and culture. Knowing how your business or brand can play a part in these conversations could be a winning formula. Don’t be afraid to step outside your usual comfort zone to add in your $0.02. Just make sure it’s relevant and considered; political, and or religion commentary should be avoided at all costs (trust us on this one). A great example of where brands have had fun – and found success- with this strategy, is the first official meme of 2017, #saltbae. Being involved in social conversations like this mean you are allowing your business to be perceived as on-trend, and subsequently allowing it to be discovered by new audiences. But, be quick on your toes, as this type of chatter doesn’t last long (it’s the internet after all).

Spend 30 mins looking at what your competitors are doing

Understanding what your competitors are doing is optimal to navigating the ins and outs of the social world. Make notes in what they are doing to see what you could be doing better, and build opportunities around this. Additionally, take ques from other industries and get inspired through different practises, or tried and tested formulas that could be replicated for you. The goal here is not to get too caught up in what you aren’t doing, but more so learning how your brand is yours for a reason, and how to play that to your strength.

Make use of Social Advertising

Got something you want to shout about? Advertising on Facebook should be a top consideration in today’s day and age. After all, it’s becoming increasingly harder to gain organic interaction without it. If you’re not doing it yet, you could find yourself in deep waters later on. Thankfully, there is a plethora of tools that allow you to access new audiences and get your message in front of them. A lot of this can be done step-by-step in Facebook Ads Manager; just get creative with your content, find the sweet spot in Audiences, add a bit of marketing spend behind it, and watch the clicks roll on in.

At P4 Group, we are experienced in delivering highly successful integrated social media marketing campaigns that allow our clients to stay ahead of the game and connect and create valuable relationships with their target audiences.


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