With a knowledge base and expertise that has been acquired through 22 years in the business, P4 Group’s unique approach to communication solutions allows us to develop cutting-edge sponsorship tactics.


P4 Group is Queensland’s premier advisor on sponsorship opportunities, sponsorship strategy and licensing. We work towards maximising the benefits for all parties, making us one of the most sought after agencies in Australia for corporate sponsorship advice. The team at P4 Group are passionate about PR.  We have the industry experience and track record to make sure we are equipped to formulate best possible sponsorship programs according to each company’s distinctive requirements.

For sponsors, our aim is to craft a sponsorship letter or sponsorship proposal to ensure our tailored public relations scheme will achieve goals and reach target markets by:

  • Identifying potential properties for sponsorship prospects
  • Facilitating introductions with rights holders
  • Negotiating reciprocal sponsorship benefits
  • Managing the sponsor/rights holder relationship

For rights holders, we create campaigns designed to attract investment and prepare properties for market by:

  • Evaluating your business or project to identify potential sponsorship properties
  • Benchmarking your properties against the current market
  • Developing a sponsorship plan, which packages your properties to maximise their attractiveness to potential sponsors
  • Identifying potential sponsors to contact and facilitate introductions
  • Managing the rights holder/sponsor relationship.
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