Stakeholder Engagement

P4 Group’s approach to stakeholder and engagement management and community engagement ensures you have strategies in place to deliver positive outcomes for all involved.

Our stakeholder engagement specialists ensure you have strategies in place to identify potential project disruptors and project risks early, enabling your team to bridge the gap between project and community.

What is best for community is often best for project. P4 Group has the expertise to bring stakeholders on board with your vision and assist you in smoothly reaching project goals and deliverables and, mitigating the risk of disruption to your project timeline.

Stakeholder Management and Community Engagement is about two-way communication – we listen and collaborate with stakeholders to motivate and educate them. We also present community concerns and work with our clients to find solutions to these problems, ensuring your operations can continue and your bottom line is not impacted.

Our capabilities in this area include:
• Stakeholder and community engagement plans and implementation
• Risk analysis, issues & crisis management
• Facilitation of workshops, focus groups & information sessions
• Government relations
• Media relations
• Reputation management
• Development of engagement tools
• Project management
• Legacy and community initiative strategies
• Social Research.

Land Access Management

The resource boom means many landholders have now had exposure to large scale infrastructure and resource projects, and know their rights and project’s obligations. P4 Group’s tailored resource and land management services can help your project to navigate property legislation, contract obligations and landholder needs and balance them with construction requirements.

Our land access consultants provide expertise and experience to manage land execution, from FEED and EPC contracts to negotiating landholder access and construction Right of Way (ROW) for resources and infrastructure projects throughout Australia.

With real world experience in pipelines (gas and water), rail, road, civil, construction and mining services, P4 Group provides clients with the combination of strategic direction and support alongside skilled consultants out in the field.

P4 Group offers program and project management of:
• Land liaison
• Land acquisition
• Property access and management plans
• Land Agreement and Tenure registration
• Property valuation
• Corridor development
• Cultural heritage and native title management plans
• Compensation negotiation and assessment
• Reinstatement and rehabilitation of land.