In 2017, P4 Group will celebrate 22 years of business. Founded by marketing professional Adrian Basile with the aim to service clients with smarter brand sponsorship and marketing solutions, P4 Group (formerly known as ABC Creative Solutions) has grown into one of Queensland’s foremost integrated marketing and communications consultancies.

As an industry leader, P4 Group offers a range of communications services including CommunicationsStrategic MarketingSocial Media and Digital, Graphic Design and Branding, Event Management, Stakeholder Engagement and Management and Sponsorship.

With offices in Brisbane, Sydney and the Gold Coast, P4 Group engages talented communications professionals who bring together vast skill-sets and varied industry experience to successfully deliver quality results across the disciplines.


P4 Group stands for Progressive, Proactive, People-focused, Partnerships:

Progressive: What worked yesterday is not guaranteed to work tomorrow. The P4 Group Team is focused on being evolutionary and implementing marketing communications campaigns which use new technologies and approaches to push boundaries and achieve high quality

Proactive: Opportunistic is not a dirty word; in fact it’s something P4 Group strives to be each and every day. We are passionate about uncovering hidden gems, and harnessing that last little thing that elevates a marketing campaign from great to outstanding. We are eagerly on the front-foot with reporting so we remain accountable and transparent at all times.

People: We are made up of 20 plus experts in marketing, social media, public relations, copywriting, events, corporate communications and stakeholder engagement. Together we deliver top-shelf communication solutions for our clients, which attract and engage consumers and achieve business goals

Partnerships: We are not a business operating within a silo. We proudly operate as an extension of each and every one of our clients teams, working collaboratively with their business and other like-minded agencies as often as possible. Clients aside, we are a connected bunch with an enviable little black book of media contacts and business movers and shakers, which makes opening the doors to cooperative partnerships effortless.

As an industry leader, P4 Group offers a range of communications services including:

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